Short Story: Dane and the Dragon: The Tale of Yusaris

August 11, 2010

I wrote this as a submission to Epic Weapons’s Dragon Age Epic Tales contest. The criteria were to write a story of no more than five thousand words about a character, place, or creature from BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise. I took a look at the stories in the Dragon Age Codex and decided that I would write an expanded look at the adventures of the legendary hero Dane, specifically the story presented in the background of Yusaris.

In that story, Dane hunts and slays the dragon Fenshal with a weapon from its own hoard. Dane calls that sword Yusaris. He then goes on to use it to kill the werewolf and passes it to his son Hafter. This is my interpretation of the hunt for Fenshal and the finding of Yusaris.

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