Narrative Design Document: KON!

I was responsible for the initial narrative design of KON, the video game my class at The Art Institute of Vancouver produced. I had to communicate with the game designers to determine what they could do in the Unity engine that I described in the narrative design document and what I had to change to accommodate changes in scope and engine restrictions.

In one of the earliest iterations of my NDD, I had Kon (the protagonist) interacting with his companion Juhn at the beginning to set up the state of the world. The feedback I got was mainly that the language I had used was too sophisticated for relatively simple people, and while I was changing it, Juhn got cut and replaced with the spirit guide.

I decided that Kon was an experienced but unsophisticated hunter and wrote him as such. The spirit guide would be trying to impress upon him that he had a tremendous task, but quickly learns that Kon doesn’t understand world-impacting events, so it had to pull it back to “You have to do this for the sake of your people.”

Somewhere between turning in my last update of the NDD and the gold deadline, my dialogue was unilaterally changed without my knowledge. Kon, the cunning hunter, had become a Hulk-speaking, imbecilic, stereotypical caveman.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is my final Narrative Design Document for KON, with all cut content restored to its original place.



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